This is your journey and you are your leader.

You are your best teacher and guide, always. That never changes.

But you don't have to go it alone. Sometimes, having extra support is the difference between moving forward and staying stuck. Or telling a truth and telling your truth. That's where I come in. As your coach, mirror, support, and wholehearted believer in YOU. 

amie loves her clients

My role as your coach is to help you align with your heart's truth + your innate wisdom and to support you in bringing your visions into reality. We lead from your heart, inner truth, and deepest desires. This brave and open space is supported by my intuitive guidance, gentle questioning, and powerful, heart-centered coaching strategy. 

As a coach, you'll find that I'm gently intensive. You will be held closely and challenged deeply, but only ever to the extent you're ready and always with care. My purpose is to serve you and your journey, mirror your truth back to you and help you meet the stories, patterns, or beliefs that are in your way. 


My approach to coaching

My intuitive approach to coaching invites heart-based goal-setting, gentle accountability, and loving encouragement as you define and take action toward achieving your goals. The trusting, nourishing, and honest space established in a coaching series has the power to free unspoken truths and catalyze deep transformation. 

From our initial consult together, we will dive deep into what you really want; what you want underneath and behind your story. We craft a soulful, beautiful set of goals that anchor our series and your actions to that deep place within. We often focus goal areas on a personal level and a community level - whether that be within your family, your organization, your wider community, or your interpersonal relationships. This is completely up to you and changes based on the desires and stages of every client.

Together, we unearth the clarity, strategy, and inner + outer resources to create the changes you want to see in your life and your world - without losing yourself in the process. 

As your coach, my role is to guide, support, and (gently) challenge you along the way from where you are to where you want to be


sound like you? 

I love working with big-hearted and compassionate people whose path has mostly revolved around giving, helping, exploring the questions, and maybe even a little boat-rocking. Maybe you head up a social enterprise, a heart-centered business, or a community organization. Maybe it's your beautiful family or a classroom of learners that you lead. Maybe you're focused on leading yourself into the new and unknown. Exciting! 

Whatever space you're in, you're a gentle leader, maybe even a quiet one, and you're ready to share your brightest blend of love with the world. With grounded courage and compassion. Powerfully. Gently.

I feel you and I want this for you too. I want it for all of us.   

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a big, open heart (maybe even hanging right there on your sleeve),

  • you want to use your strengths, time, gifts, and skills in service to something greater than yourself,

  • at your core, you’re a humanitarian, a lover, an advocate, a nurturer, an empath,

  • and you most definitely have a track record of putting other people first.

Do you find yourself...

  • over-giving pretty consistently?

  • trying to please everyone else before yourself?

  • feeling disconnected from your core, your purpose, your conviction you once held so strong?

  • feeling overwhelmed at the state of the world, and unclear how to make your positive impact?

  • extending yourself way past your boundaries to maintain harmony?

  • challenged in giving yourself the love and care you so freely give to others?

  • knowing what needs to change, but feeling held back or afraid to start?

You're in the right place. I honor your devotion, passion, and desire to act in service to the greater good. I believe it’s a call to be answered with nourishment, care, inquiry, and love. Lots and lots of revolutionary love. 

I'd love to have a chat so you can know for sure if I'm the right coach for you. I offer a 30-Minute Clarity Consult to do just that. Easy peasy.


What's involved in a coaching series?

After we’ve connected through a Complimentary Clarity Consult, and you’ve decided to book a series, our coaching series begins! 


Whether you choose a 3 or 6-month series, our sessions are held every two weeks over Skype/Phone (or in-person where possible). I also offer unlimited email support which is available to your heart's content and journey's needs. A lot can happen between sessions and email is a perfect way to reach out, celebrate, and/or touch base if you're feeling stuck.

Along the way, I will provide a personalized array of support. From guided meditations, free resources, tools, reflective journal prompts, book recommendations and even a special challenge if you're up for it! 

As for what your personal journey will look like, we will find out together! Here are some common elements my clients uncover through coaching. Again, this is totally based on you, beautiful - where you're at and where you're headed.

  • Moving through fear, uncertainty, & self-doubt, toward clarity, confidence, courage, and action

  • Grounding into your truth, the heart of your vision, your values, your gifts

  • Creating a road map rooted in what you want and steeped in a sense of purpose and fulfilment

  • Establishing your self-love, self-care, and self-awareness practices

  • Creating and honoring loving boundaries to support that big heart of yours

  • Creating space and time for you to hear, follow, and trust your inner voice

  • Learning to follow your own lead, stepping into self-leadership

  • Navigating and unlearning harmful social conditioning, beliefs, and patterns

  • Finding and being in a community that feels like home

  • Finally getting into action on the new role, new project, or experience you've been wanting for yourself

  • Making the big decisions that have felt just out of reach too long

  • Learning to take the journey from the head to the heart, in trust and compassion


What's the financial investment for our coaching series?

Our coaching series costs $333 USD/month. I currently offer a 3-month 1:1 coaching package.

That amount covers all of the above services as well as contributes to funding Mama Cash and ACLU through my 10% monthly donation.

If you're currently unable to cover the prices listed above, please reach out to me for any available scholarship opportunities. I'm keen to receive your inquiry and find something that works well for both of us.


What else is required for our coaching journey?

Beautiful, you've got it all. If you're looking for loving support, strategic guidance, and gentle accountability along the way, I can help. If you're willing to show up for yourself in honesty, courage, vulnerability, and compassion, you're more than half-way there. I can't wait to support you along your unique path.

Book your complimentary Clarity Consult today to get started.