You’re a bighearted, deep-thinking soul with a vision for positive change and a deep knowing that we're all connected. You want to lead a conscious life of purpose and meaning. 

You're on a mission and I welcome you dearly!

I'm Amie and I'm right there with you. 

I support change-the-world kinda' souls to ground into self-love & self-leadership so they can consciously and joyfully share their brightest blend of love with the world.

Together, we refocus inward and create loving change from the inside, out. I'm so happy you're here. 


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I'm here to help you share your brightest blend of love with the world.  




Ready to shine, beautiful? 

Through my own journey, I've realized that deep, lasting change happens inside each of us first. The changes most of us want to see are much larger than any individual, but they must also happen on an individual level, within each of us.

For many globally and socially conscious people, the inner journey can often be out of focus or even undervalued. If you're anything like me, it's possible you've been focused externally for a long time. Community-focused, and driven by a deep desire to create peace and harmony in the world around you. 

Maybe you're here now because you feel like you've lost yourself somewhere along the way. Maybe it's your direction, your passion, or your conviction that you've lost touch with. Maybe that quiet voice has cropped up again, telling you you're not good enough, that you won't get it right, that you're not worthy of a life you love even if you could do it.

I understand because this is how I felt and this is why I'm here. When I got stuck and turned inward, I ended up in a place of deeper confidence, healthier and stronger boundaries, and a more authentic voice and mission. I want to support you in placing yourself first on your change-making journey. You can do this, you are more than enough, and you are deserving of it all. 

It's time to consciously and joyfully

explore, challenge, & create

(y)our world from the inside, out.


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This is where deep, sustainable, and loving change begins. 

My invitation to you

Create loving change within yourself as you serve and act in the world.

Embrace your journey of personal growth and inner transformation toward radical self-love and self-leadership.


By deepening into the truth of ourselves, into our inner widsom, and moving through what's holding us back from being fully ourselves, we can live and serve in the world from a powerful place grounded in love and compassion. 

Not only for others, but for ourselves as well.