YOur happiness matters & you Deserve YOUR JOY.

Are you ready to start living like it?

That’s right, it’s time to start choosing you and feel amazing doing it!


I’m Amie, and you are so welcome here.

When I’m not adventuring and keeping to my introvert self, I run this business and serve women like you! I help you release your worry and self-doubt so you can reconnect with who you truly are, what you truly want, and create a life you truly love (and feel amazing doing it).

Because we all deserve to know and live the radiant brilliance of who we are. For a long time, we’ve been taught to do the opposite. It’s time for change. It’s time to remember how powerful, creative, and worthy you are.

Do you feel something deeper, wider, more fulfilling out there for yourself?

More happiness? More fulfillment? More peace of mind?

I can feel it too, and (spoiler alert) that something is already within you!

It’s within the real, beautiful, bad ass self that you’ve been hiding away in loops of worrying, apologizing, and not feeling enough. The you that craves a happy life of your own creation. The you that’s ready to break free, tune in and truly live.

Yep. That gentle, courageous heart is fierce and she’s ready to take the lead.


You’re here to transform and I’m here to help. I believe in you,

and we’re in this together.

Do you feel lost, stuck, unfulfilled? Craving a change, but not sure where or how to find it?

I’ve been there too.

  • I see you trying to just feel happy already with what you have. (For sure, gratitude is important.)

  • I see you getting by with the bare-minimum of self-care. (The yoga high, the meditation app, the self-help book do help, but a lot of the time you’d rather switch off to Netflix and a bottle of wine. Hellooo comfort.)

  • I see you telling yourself it’s all enough. (Because you’re lucky. The world is on fire and you are lucky.)

I know you’re trying to be happy with what you have…

…but, you know there’s more out there for you. You can feel it in your bones.

I have good news for you babe…

There’s more waiting for you & it’s possible to claim it.

  • You can break free and start choosing yourself first.

  • You can live as wildly, gently, boldly as you desire. It’s up to you.

  • You can create the life you want, be who you want to be, and nourish what matters to you.

(The best part? You feeling amazing, loving yourself, and living on your terms doesn’t mean you’ll stop being your caring, kind, big-hearted self. You’ll be supercharging all that gentle power and inspiring others to shine too.)

You deserve to feel your own truth and joy as clearly as the sun landing on your shoulders.

I mean it, you deserve to feel the warmth of your own happiness and live a life you love.

It’s time to cultivate the clarity, confidence and peaceful, give-no-fucks attitude you’re craving.


"(Amie) has this gift of making you feel special, that regardless of where you are at, she has this capability to highlight your strengths, which I found so comforting and inspiring. Amie helped me believe in myself again, with her ongoing encouragement that always felt so loving and gentle. Amie has one of the biggest hearts I know..." - Camille 


 (Psst - You deserve to feel happy and free!)