You deserve every bit of love, attention and care you offer so generously to others.

I’m here to help you start living like it - in a way that feels good.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you great at being there for others, but often feel like you let yourself down?

  • Do you spend so much time worrying about other people and their needs that you feel fuzzy on what YOU want?

  • Do you feel a sense of being lost and disconnected from who you truly are?

I’ve been there too.

Not chasing my dreams. Stuck in in a loop of worrying about everyone else first. Staying quiet when it came to me and what I thought. Basically feeling like I was missing from my own life.

And I got tired of it. Tired of feeling tired. Tired of living a life that didn’t feel mine and not knowing how to change it.

And just like I knew then: YOU KNOW there’s more to this life for you.

beach and free

It’s time to create more space in your life for you!

Those days of worrying what people think are well and truly behind you. This life is yours babe, and you deserve to live it on your terms. This looks like:

  • Honoring yourself and choosing your needs first.

  • Getting so clear and confident in who you are and what you want that you radiate the truth you’ve been hiding.

  • Doing the things you want to do and saying the things you want to say – and relishing that freedom comfortably - happily, even!

You’re closer than you think.  

Why I care so much

For most of my life, I’ve wanted to see other people happy and well. And there’s not question that’s a beautiful thing. Except this desire born of empathy and compassion turned into a driver that saw me consistently abandoning myself for the benefit of others. It wasn’t until my own reserves of ‘happy and well’ became severely depleted that I had no choice but to face the consequences of being oh-so-nice and easy-going.

I hadn’t realized how much of myself I was losing by caring and giving so much - Basically putting everyone else and their stuff first.

My own journey culminated in the form of a not-so-healthy relationship. Years of quieting my voice, minimizing myself and my needs, and taking on responsibility that was never mine to bear left me feeling powerless, resentful and empty. My self-confidence plummeted and the sneaky belief that I wasn’t worthy of my own dreams kept me stuck.


Through some divine breadcrumbs, I found my way back into sisterhood, creativity, and for the first time, into the world of personal development and coaching.

I dove deep into my own growth and healing.

  • I released old beliefs and stories that were holding me back and replaced them with empowering ones.

  • I stopped following rules that weren’t mine and instead made my own.

  • I allowed myself to explore, play, create and dream again - with the reclaimed belief that I was worthy of my own happiness.

  • I learned to hold myself in compassionate awareness, integrity, and courageous, aligned action.

  • I realized I could love and approve of myself - what others thought truly wasn’t mine to worry about anymore!

Through this inner exploration, I discovered what was going on underneath a lifetime of niceness, giving, and achieving. I discovered a different way.

Once I realized how deeply women learn to put everyone else ahead of themselves, and where it can lead unchecked; I knew I wanted to contribute to our collective healing journey.  The business I created does just that - because it’s possible to be kind, compassionate and generous without losing yourself in the process. And that’s just the beginning.

As a coach & guide

20170710-amie-ritchie-web-res083 (2).jpg

I’m here to facilitate your transformation and empowerment. My approach blends my professional coaching skills and strategies, my lived experience, and the supportive, intuitive presence I bring to all my clients. My goal is to help you realize and break the patterns of people-pleasing, over-giving, and approval-seeking playing out in your life so you can break free and live how you want to live. This process of rewiring includes deepening your awareness of yourself and the world around you, choosing what aligns with you, releasing what doesn’t and creating space for play, creativity and ease. Yeah - ease!

But i think this stuff almost matters more…

  • I understand the subtle, often hidden ways we can give away pieces of ourselves in the name of being nice and caring for others.

  • I know the pain of losing yourself completely and the grief that follows that tragic realization.

  • I also intimately understand the power we each have to choose something different for ourselves.

  • I believe in you as I believe in myself. We’re in this together and we all have a role to play in changing and creating this world we share.

It’s time to create more space in your life for YOU. and i’m here to help.

You deserve to shine. Let’s get started together.

What my clients say

"(Amie) has this gift of making you feel special, that regardless of where you are at, she has this capability to highlight your strengths, which I found so comforting and inspiring. Amie helped me believe in myself again, with her ongoing encouragement that always felt so loving and gentle. Amie has one of the biggest hearts I know..."  ~ Camille

"I used to immediately dismiss writing about work because I didn't think I had anything original to contribute. Now I feel more confident sharing my opinions and insights because I know that what I'm doing has value, and Amie helped me gain perspective around that."  ~ Jessica

“Amie was so present and insightful during the consult call and speaking to her was such a pleasure. I felt like I got a lot of value just out of our initial chat.” ~ Alyssa