Speaking Topics

I'm committed to attending and speaking on panels and events which are diverse and inclusive. I am happy to cover a topic not listed if it aligns with my work of bringing greater well-being, compassion, and humanity to our personal and community spaces. 

Below are my chief speaking offerings. Please reach out with any inquiries into speaking topics and opportunities.

  • Women Rising: Self-Leadership, Inner Wisdom, & Empowerment

  • Life on Your Terms: Explore, Challenge, Create Your Own Way

  • Self-Care and Slowing Down: A Journey Home to Your Power

  • Changing the World from the Inside, Out: Personal Transformation as Social Transformation

Professional Bio

Amie is an internationally certified life coach, facilitator, speaker, and writer whose work endeavors to bring more connection, compassion, and humanity to our personal and community spaces. As a big believer in the transformative power of consciously connecting to ourselves, each other, and our natural world, Amie offers personal 1:1 coaching, shares her writing and facilitates women's circles for self-empowerment and sisterhood. She is driven by advancing gender equality, ending violence against women, and doing her own anti-racism work. Also, creating space, joy and curiosity.

Amie earned a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of Victoria in Wellington where she focused on International Feminist Theory, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Intersectionality and Racism, and Global Women's movements. From studying abroad in France to volunteering in Senegal for Tostan International, to serving as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand, Amie has lived and worked in eight countries. She supports cross-cultural exchange, conscious travel, international education, and has a passion for learning and speaking languages foreign to her. 

Amie has spent much of her life focused on making a positive difference in the world. She is now passionate about helping women explore their inner worlds and make a difference in their lives and world from the inside, out. More than anything, she loves helping people trust and love themselves first, so they can share their brightest blend of love with the world everyday. 

For more information on working or collaborating with Amie, please visit her website www.amieritchie.com.


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